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Since 1987, we have led the effort to bridge the gap between research and implementation by bringing the information directly to the people thus empowering people to choose health and change the culture and systems that enable poor life outcomes.  We educate how nutrition and exercise are paramount to your quality of life. 



Provide Socially Responsible Programs to individuals and families in various forms of recovery.  Teach them how to help their body thrive and heal with proper nutrition and exercise.  

People having difficulty with addictions have no idea of what caused their problem or how to correct it. People/youth have no idea that sugar is the first addiction and it is added to almost everything young people and adults are consuming! Junk food is the ultimate abuse-it abuses the brain, the body, emotions and health. We need N.E.A.D.
— Barbara Reed Stitt, Ph.D. Former Chief Probation Officer Author: Food & Behavior

What We've Achieved