Health screening

Have a medical professional measure your vitals and get a baseline to embark on your nutrition program.  Establish a basis to track your improvements.  Measurements include A1C, blood glucose, try-glycerides, cholesterol, blood pressure and a series of intake questions.   Sign up your group or yourself

Alternative social services

Social service agencies and service providers can learn about the alternatives to traditional methods  that are highly successful and in practice today in the US that utilize a strong nutritional component as one of the primary tools to effectively prevent and treat addiction, disease and help handle mental health issues. 

Our training sessions can be be used to provide a tailored nutritional component to parents, youth at risk, returning and recovering citizens and various other individuals involved in state mandated requirements.  Learn more....


Become the master of your body/brain health destiny!  After your health screening,  work in conjunction with a M.D. to tailor a 4-6 week program of customized nutrition and exercise to address your goals and improve your vitals.  At the end of the program, take another measurement to determine progress and next steps. Click here to learn more....